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August 2011

Great Lash Gets Dressed Up!

Written on August 15, 2011 at 3:18 pm , by

GroupIt’s been 40 years since Maybelline Great Lash Mascara was born, and the brand is celebrating with a Limited Edition Designer Collection of the iconic wands decked out in designs by fashion stars Tracy Reese, Max Azria and Vivienne Tam (above, from left). A few fun facts about the lash classic:

  • The original pink and green tube was inspired by the color scheme of designer Lilly Pulitzer, who was just starting out when the mascara launched.
  • Great Lash is the #1-selling mascara in America.
  • One tube is sold every 1.7 seconds in the United States.

Pick up your collector’s edition exclusively through Target while supplies last!

Staffer Beauty Snoop: Digital Director Christie Griffin

Written on August 11, 2011 at 9:45 am , by

In this installment of our Staffer Beauty Snoop series, FITNESS Digital Director Christie Griffin shares her tried-and-true beauty routine and tricks:


Describe your beauty style in three words or less: Grown-up girly
What are the three beauty products you can’t live without? Mascara, face serum, and lip gloss.
What’s your beauty routine in the morning? Monday-Friday: The works…shower, makeup, hair! I hate not feeling polished and ready for the work day. If it’s the weekend though, then all bets are off.
At night? It varies. At the very least, a quick face rinse. At the most, some serious anti-wrinkle cream, head-to-toe moisturizer, maybe some eye cream, etc. I have no idea what I’m going to do if/when I live with a guy and he finds out my secrets!
Post-workout? I haven’t mastered the post-workout glow like our editorial assistant, Karla Walsh. I usually get so sweaty that I absolutely have to take a quick shower.
What beauty product or treatment instantly makes you feel good? Nothing beats a good scalp massage at the hair salon. Ahhh.
What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received (or thought of yourself)? Whatever’s wrong, don’t touch it. Have a zit? Hands off! Itchy bug bite? Don’t scratch! Hang nail? No pulling! Keep your grubby little hands off your beauty problem, until you can deal with it the right way.

—By Amanda Downs, beauty intern

Easy Hair Secrets to Fight Summer Frizz

Written on August 10, 2011 at 10:52 am , by

Summer’s humidity, sweaty workouts and windy beach days can all wreck a hot-hair day and give your style the dreaded F-word: FRIZZ. Here are some of the best tips and strategies that top stylists have given me to prevent pouf and foil frizzies.

“To keep flyaways from forming around your hairline, start blow-drying your roots and around your crown first. Because these areas are most prone to frizz, it’s best to eliminate any humidity as soon as possible.” –Noemie, Hairstylist at Prive Salon in New York City

“Spritz a bronzer brush with a shine spray and smooth it over flyaways. Because the bristles are lightweight, they won’t pancake your strands, the way your hairbrush would.” –David Evangelista, a celebrity stylist in New York City

“Before you work out, spray your hair from roots to ends with a dry shampoo to absorb water. Next, brush strands flat around your head, then cover them with a silk scarf before you sweat. Afterward, blast roots for a few minutes with a blow-dryer on cool.” –Jet Rhys, owner of the two eponymous salons in San Diego

Who Is Your Beauty Idol?

Written on August 9, 2011 at 2:10 pm , by

brigitte-bardot-beehive Everyone has a woman—or women—whether famous or not, whose look they admire and emulate. We asked FITNESS editors who their beauty idols are and why:

  • Brigitte Bardot! I love her casual, sexy makeup and voluminous, bedhead hair.” —Eleanor Langston, beauty director
  • “My beauty idol is Kate Middleton. I love that she did her own makeup for her wedding! She always looks put-together, natural, and beautiful, but not like she’s trying too hard. Her look seems effortless.” —Karina Dearwood, associate photo editor
  • “My beauty idol is my grandmother! At 77 years old, she dresses fabulously, has the most beautiful accessories, and never leaves the house without picture-perfect hair and makeup. I can only hope that in 56 years I too have the confidence to keep maintaining my hair and keep up with makeup trends like she does.” —Amanda Downs, beauty intern
  • Lauren Hutton. She has always had a natural glow and beauty about her.” —Kathy Green, managing editor
  • Blake Lively! I love her sun-kissed look and blonde, highlighted hair because it looks so natural, chic, and not overdone.” —Heidi Smith, editorial intern
  • “My beauty idol is Maria Callas. Her features were a bit severe, but I loved the way she really played up her big eyes and never went under the knife even though her nose was quite distinct. Because I’m Greek, I really identify with her ethnic, exotic look. My favorite Maria-inspired beauty tip for summer is to part my dark hair down the middle and slick it back into a ponytail. Giant hoops help make it look fresh and modern.” —Argy Koutsothanasis, fashion director
  • My mother. The way her natural beauty shines through any product has always amazed me!” —Theresa K. Brady, editorial intern

Tell us: Whose beauty style do you love?

Peek Inside a Beauty Editor’s Bathroom!

Written on August 8, 2011 at 12:54 pm , by

At a meeting last week, a few FITNESS editors got into a conversation about how they organize their beauty stash at home. Here’s a peek at how I store the plethora of beauty products in my bathroom (please excuse my sub-par cell phone photography skills!). When apartment-hunting last year, one of the reasons I loved the place we ended up renting was because of this cabinet of shelves in the bathroom—I knew it would make the perfect home for my beauty arsenal! As you can see, I use a mix of bowls and baskets that I’ve collected to house specific categories of products. Here’s the layout, starting at the bottom, moving from left to right: Nail polishes, makeup; second shelf: daily face products, fragrance, and face treatments; third shelf: hair products, miscellaneous; fourth shelf: bath and my boyfriend’s grooming stash.


Tell us: How do you store your beauty products?

Favorite Find Friday: Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist

Written on August 5, 2011 at 12:47 pm , by

We love some beauty products—like Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist—just because they make us feel pampered. We reach for this lavender and rosemary-scented facial spray when our skin feels parched or tired. It’s great for a quick afternoon pick-me-up and post-workout cooldown. The light spritz never fails to refresh, and a bottle lasts forever (it’s been sitting on our desk for more than a year, and only a quarter is gone!)

Tell us: What’s your purely indulgent beauty splurge?

Staffer Beauty Snoop: Editorial Assistant Karla Walsh

Written on August 4, 2011 at 3:19 pm , by

Next up in our Staffer Beauty Snoop series is Editorial Assistant Karla Walsh. Here, she spills the beauty secrets and favorites that never fail:


Describe your beauty style in three words or less: Simple and sporty.
What are the three beauty products you can’t live without? Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Scunci No-Slip Evolution Hair Ties and a hair wrap towel (similar to the Turbie Twist)!
What’s your beauty routine in the morning? First, I pop in my contacts, floss and brush teeth (in that order, and Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste is my favorite brand) and wash my face again with Neutrogena. If I’m feeling extra low-maintenance or it’s supposed to be super-hot, I just curl my eyelashes for a bright-eyed look and call that good. For a more polished look, I dot on concealer where needed, add a touch of foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and blush. And I always spritz on a little Burberry London Eau de Parfum.
At night? After walking around a lot and occasionally doing evening workouts, I often shower at night. I put my hair up in my towel to help it dry, brush my teeth and blow dry the rest before bed after winding down with a book. My stylist always gives me a dry-and-go cut so I can just wake up and hit the streets!
Post-workout? If I have time, I hop in the shower, but I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’ve mastered the shower-free refresh: Towel off, wash face, change clothes, add deodorant and perfume and revel in the post-workout rosy-cheeked glow!
What beauty product or treatment instantly makes you feel good? A pedicure! I walk all over the city and the sandals I rotate through during summer aren’t the most protective (or supportive, sadly). Not to mention how hard I beat my feet up in the gym! So treating them well always feels amazing.
What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received (or thought of yourself)? Conditioner is a perfect swap for shaving cream. It keeps your skin silky smooth and glides right through the razor blades.

By Amanda Downs, beauty intern

The Price of Beauty

Written on August 3, 2011 at 9:47 am , by

How much money would you guess that you spend on beauty products and treatments? A new study commissioned by Bionsen deodorant found that the average woman shells out $164,248 (roughly $3,273 per adult year) on beauty over the course of her life—enough to buy a home (in some places) or pay for an Ivy League education!

Tell us: Do you think you spend that much money on beauty? And if so, is it worth it to you?

What Feature Are You Most Proud Of?

Written on August 2, 2011 at 3:08 pm , by

At FITNESS, we’re big proponents of confidence and taking pride in your appearance, so we asked fellow FITNESS staffers what feature they love the most about themselves:

  • “Strangers compliment my hazel eyes, which are an unusual blend of auburn and green. They make me feel unique—plus, they don’t require strenuous upkeep!” —Danielle Paquette, editorial intern
  • “I love the way my legs are feeling these days—super-strong, toned and lean. I have really long legs and I love highlighting them now that running and Spinning has helped them look so fabulous!” —Samantha Shelton, freelance editorial assistant
  • “I’m most proud of my skin. After years of fighting acne, I’ve finally figured out a skincare routine and developed healthy habits to have a clear, smooth complexion.” —Marianne Magno, assistant web editor
  • “Someone once told me I have nice hands because my nails are always manicured and my hands are soft. I never thought it was something to be proud of until I realized that a handshake is a huge part of a first impression!” —Theresa K. Brady, editorial intern
  • “I love my naturally curly/wavy hair. I used to straighten it to rid myself of the curls I thought I was doomed with. But since training for marathons, triathlons, and testing classes requires me to constantly throw my hair into a ponytail or leave it natural after a gym shower, I’ve had to embrace my curly hair—and have even learned to love it.” —Jenna Autuori, fitness editor
  • “My smile! My mom has the same goofy grin and it reminds me of her many times when I look in the mirror.” —Karla Walsh, editorial assistant

As for me, I love my skin—which is finally clear after a decade of battling both acne and eczema simultaneously—and my hair, which blessedly air-dries into decent-looking waves.

Tell us: What feature are you most proud of?