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Do You Wear Makeup at the Gym?

Written on June 20, 2011 at 7:52 am , by

gym-rat(5)Many a dermatologist have professed that it’s best not to wear makeup at the gym because it can clog your pores, cause bacteria buildup on your skin, and various other ugly side-effects. Yet many of us do it anyway—including our own staffers. We asked the ladies of FITNESS whether they wear makeup at the gym, and here’s what they said:

  • “No makeup, what’s the point? I’m there to work out, not to win a beauty pageant!”—Julia Savacool, articles director
  • “Only mascara—I wear glasses, but it’s usually too sweaty to do so during a workout, so I swap in contacts and need the mascara so I don’t look sleepy. Anything else would make me feel like I was creating zits.”—Sarah D’Angelo, assistant editor
  • “No, except maybe lip gloss. If I have mascara on, it usually ends up running down my face. It doesn’t feel good to have makeup on when I’m working out.”—Kathy Green, managing editor
  • “I don’t do full-on eye makeup, but I definitely have to have mascara on. Gyms are lined with mirrors and I don’t want to cringe a little every time I see myself. If anything, I wear a little makeup so that I stay focused on my workout!”—Christie Griffin, digital director
  • “No way! I think it would make me feel claustrophobic. I actually prefer to go au naturel as much as possible all the time, so when I’m sweating it’s a must. I can’t imagine that dripping through Spin class with mascara running down my face would look so hot, either.”—Karla Walsh, editorial assistant
  • “I never go anywhere without putting on a smidge of bronzer. I’ve found that the best one that doesn’t sweat off is Bare Escentuals BareMinerals All-Over Face Color in Warmth.”—Kelly Garner, beauty intern
  • “I wear mascara. Otherwise it looks like I have no eyelashes!”—Pam O’Brien, executive editor
  • “I wear no makeup to the gym. It winds up coming off when I sweat anyway, and I’m there for myself—to get fit—not to impress anyone.”—Alexa Cortese, web intern
  • What about youdo you wear makeup during a workout?

  • http://crossroadsofimagination.blogspot.com/ Karon

    I also read that wearing makeup while working out is bad for your skin, so I always make a point of washing my face before a workout. I’d rather not take the risk. I see many people all made up though.

  • Scarlet

    I wear makeup, but not a lot, just eyeliner and lip gloss. It motivates me, makes me feel sexier and makes me work extra hard. My eyeliner never sweats off (maybe just a little) but at least I don’t look like Alice Cooper afterwards.

  • Bebe

    I bare it. I tried foundation and mascara one time and it felt just too weird. So now I go clean and wear make-up afterwards.

  • Cass

    If I am headed to the gym straight from work chances are the makeup will still be on. But if I am getting up to go work out I would never bother!

  • Katherine

    If I do wear makeup, it’s because I haven’t washed it off yet, but I don’t make a point of wearing makeup. I work odd hours, so I’m usually the only one at the gym when I go.

  • Stephanie

    Depends. If I’m working out in the evening, I’ll usually have makeup on from the work day. I wear waterproof mascara so that it doesn’t run. I’ll wash my face right after working out. If it’s in the morning, I don’t have makeup on. I haven’t had any bad skin issues from it. I’m guessing it maybe because I’m wearing all natural bare minerals makeup.

  • sane’

    Yes I wear make-up! BUT only mascara and litttttle bit of base. Reason is: I look better, thus I feel better, ending up with working harder and more positive- when positive you lift weights with pleasure and focusing more on doing the actual exercise than looking in mirror with a sleepy face and worrying about how I look (for myself) I am strong believer that loving one self will end up doing something else fully

  • Heidi

    No make-up! I never understood why some women come with a full face of makeup and their hair done up cute…doesn’t it get all messed up? If it still looks good at the end of your workout you might need to ramp it up!

  • Cece

    I don’t go to the gym, but if I did I’d wear mascara and maybe lip gloss. I’m a stay at home mom and I don’t normally wear much make up, but I usually have to have mascara on when I leave the house.

  • Sky Moulden

    I never wear makeup at the gym. It’s an all women’s gym, and I wear sunglasses on my way home to shower since it’s only a few blocks. I have great skin without it, and who am I trying to impress while I’m all flushed and sweaty? :)

  • J

    I absolutely wear makeup. I know this is not very good for your skin to wear makeup and sweat, but I do not like seeing myself with out makeup. Ive always had acne prone skin and break out quite a bit regardless of if I wear makeup or not. Like some have said its to stay focused on my workout instead of thinking, “oh my god those people are staring at my skin!”

  • Shauna

    most of the time no, which is a hard thing to do because I have acne and I’m very self conscious about it. but I realized wearing makeup during my workouts was only making it worse. but sometimes I forget to take off my makeup like right after work, so I started to take to-go makeup remover cloths with me. I like to go for long outdoor runs that way no one can really see my face anyways!

  • Lupita

    During the work week, I go to my Zumba or Kickboxing classes during my lunch at our gym here at work… so I do wear it because I already have it on. Luckily since having this workout schedule, I haven’t broken out. When I hike on the weekends.. I just get up and go.. no make up.

  • Kris

    I never go without foundation. I have had really bad acne since I was 11 (tried everything, even the roughest meds, nothing works), and I’m extremely self-conscious about it, to the point of not letting myself be seen in public if I can’t hide the acne. I realize foundation on skin while working out doesn’t help, but believe me, with my skin, it’s not like it can make it worse either…

  • olivia Rangel

    yes i need my mascara and lip stick thats just me :)

  • excell1000

    Yes I do :) except when I’m swimming.

  • Mikayla

    So… I see that most people wear makeup to impress others, which is why they don’t wear makeup to the gym. Interesting. I wear waterproof mascara and a bit of concealer around my eyes so I don’t look dead.

  • Pennyjean480

    Some love the attention because thats the only way they know.
    Some are lazy to take it off, if their getting out of work.
    Some just have to have something on their face to make themselves feel better.
    I train hard at the gym. Who has time for make up. I sure don’t.
    Good luck for those that need make up to train.

  • Casandra101

    yes i do wear makeup to the gym but then a big zit came on my face and its head is white so now im going to the gym and im going inside the sauna without any makeup and i hope this zit pops on its own ive learned my lesson 

  • Casandra101

    hi guys its casandra101 again my zit popped and now my face is very clean but i still have acne scars from previous acne

  • Cansandra101

    I love makeup but you gotta stop sometimes for your skin its called a skincare routine

  • Casandra101

    Alot of women dont have self confidence thats why.

  • Casandra101

    your right but the main reason is that women dont have self confidence

  • Casandra101

    Exactly its called lack of self confidence its not because you want to impress anybody.

  • Casandra101

    Try going to the sauna because that is very good for the face trust me ive experienced it.

  • Molivas1015

    I don’t put makeup on to go to the gym, but if I’ve got it on, I don’t take it off, either. That being said, I don’t wear much.. just Bare Minerals foundation and mascara…it stays on PERFECTLY and has maybe HELPED my skin vs. made it worse. I don’t breakout, often, just from PMS and when I was pregnant. Another thought for women who want to wear makeup, is trying BB cream. I love Maybelline’s medium/dark.. I use it as my moisturizer, nowadays, and my skin has never looked better. Yes, I put it on twice a day and sleep in it.. but it covers more like foundation than lotion!

  • Thalia…Someone

    I personally don’t wear makeup at the gym (kickboxing lessons) but that’s only because I always sweat it out. One time this one new girl started a class (only other girl doing it) and she had a full face of makeup, but it honestly looked like her face was melting by the end of it. It’s not exactly cardio kickboxing.

  • Prettystarfury

    Never, it makes me feel claustrophobic, and when I see the women who leave it on it grosses me out by the shininess and dripping eye-make up, and again makes me feel claustrophobic by imagining how hard their skin must be struggling to breathe….

  • Don’t Judge Me

    I feel like most women who don’t wear makeup to the gym don’t usually suffer from severe acne breakouts, nor do they have very red hyperpigmentation scars. I wear make up because I feel uncomfortable without wearing makeup in public. Call it vain but when you have red blotchy spots all over your cheeks and forehead, it feels better to cover it up.