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Tried-It Tuesday: What Will You Look Like in 30 Years?

Written on March 22, 2011 at 1:01 pm , by

Find out with the new Rodan + Fields Age-O-Meter Facebook App: You upload your picture, then age progression software instantly adds 30 years to your face. We tested it (the things we do in the name of journalism!) and suffice it to say, we will be taking care of our skin (hello, SPF!) with even more fervor than before. Try it yourself and get inspired to stay out of the sun and pamper that precious complexion!


  • https://crauckis.myrandf.com Cathy Rauckis

    When in your 20s and 30s you don’t often think about aging… the good news is that 80% of the aging process is in YOUR CONTROL. Ask me how to KEEP your youthful look for years to come! crauckis@yahoo.com

  • http://buildyourdream.myrandf.com Rochelle

    You are able to make a difference. Started using the Reverse to get rid of brown spots and already seeing a difference. My Age-O-Meter will be looking much better in 60 days, will yours?

  • http://jshepard.myrandf.com Jackie Shepard

    Rodan and Fields breakthrough Anti-Age technology delivers younger-looking, firmer and more radiant skin in just one minute. The Amp MD kit is “better than injectables”. Decide today what you will look like tomorrow!

  • https://ko.myrandf.com/ Kristen O’Brien

    I love this app it’s so fun to use and the best part is knowing we are using the best product out there to keep our skin in tip top shape !
    Message me if you want to hear more about our fabulous products or how to become a consultant with this amazing company ! You to can change your skin while changing lives ! I love it

  • http://tcordes.myrandf.com Tammy

    Fun application! If you need advice on this product line…I’m your girl! cctb0719@bellsouth.net

  • http://cdacey.myrandf.com Cheryl Dacey

    From the Drs that created Proactiv Solutions!! These products deliver amazing results at no risk.
    Bottom of the Bottle Money Back Guarantee. What are you waiting for?

  • http://suzannemcclure.myrandf.com Suzanne McClure

    If you want the best skin of your life or better yet, great skin and a way to get ahead in this tough economy….I can help! Check out my website, then send me a message. I cannot wait to help you get your skin and your wallet back on track!

  • http://lolivarez.myrandf.com Leslie Olivarez

    Woud you like to have the ability to correct and or maintain a longer, more youthful looking appearence without the high costs of laser treatments or Botox?? Well, now you can!!Presenting 4 new multi-Med therapy skin care lines from the Creators of Proactiv Solutions to address all skin care concerns.Go ahead, try this age-o meter for fun and message me if you’d like to turn back the “hands of time”, then message me at lmh552000@yahoo.com.