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Share Your Beauty Secrets with FITNESS

Written on October 6, 2010 at 12:24 pm , by

Calling all fit beauty fans! We’re looking for YOUR best radiance-boosting beauty tips for an upcoming feature. They can be about makeup, hair, skincare, nails, teeth: anything beauty-related. Please share your secrets for looking (and feeling!) gorgeous in the comments section below, and your tips will be considered for publication in an upcoming issue. If you’re our Facebook fan, you can also share there. Bonus points if they’re workout or exercise-related. Thanks so much, in advance!beauty_tips_pic

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  • http://www.facebook.com/musclesinmotion Marie Pinto

    I started a Facebook page with exercise tips and videos and nutrition info with receipes so my friends and family can go to it to get inspired and get info to help them stay healthy. Everyone is on Facebook so I knew they would use it!

  • Amber

    I put conditioner in my dry hair before I get in the shower, or before I start a workout (the conditioner has a greater ability to be absorbed in dry hair than in wet… think of your hair as a sponge) and then I take a shower as usual. I also use a wide tooth comb to detangle my wet hair while conditioner is in it before I rinse with cool water. I always get compliments on my hair, ALWAYS! 

  • jenny dematteo

    i swear by eminensce products. they are naturally made with out anything harmful in them. the products are made primarily of fruits and the wonders of the earth. if you haven’t tried them yet please go to your nearest distributor or spa that offers these great products and get some samples to try. You will fall in love with them. One bottle of eye cream for example will take you approx . a year to finish it, so all in all the prices are reasonable too.

  • Rachel

    As a both a female and a fitness enthusiast I am constantly trying to find ways in which I can maintain a simple yet effective regime that can fit around anything to 30mins in the gym to a 90 minute run. First of all I would like to note that our skin and hair changes through the seasons so the products that we use in spring/summer will have to be addapted when it hits fall/winter. In the more humid seasons it is essential to protect both our exposed areas of skin and our hair from the damage of UV rays. For this I use a light moisturiser containing at least SPf10, I am currently using ‘ultralight’ by Lush, as this particual moisturiser can be used on any parts of the face or body and contains essential oils that help to soften and relax the exposed skin aslong as protectinf against premature again with the spf10 sun factor. For my hair I use Clarins sun spray radience oil SPF6 that protects my hair from becoming brittle and dry from sun exposure and also adds a glossy sheen,so its easy to go from having a tight pony tail for running to releasing the hairband for a healthy shimmer. In winter our skin will lose moisture due to environmental factors,so in these months it is vital to stock up on plenty of hand creams, hair masks to rid the nasty fly-aways and a nice thick moisturiser for our face and body. I find nivea creme to be a fantastic creation in the winter months as although the texture is rather thick it is very light on the skin,therefore leaving us with a healthy texture and protecting us against the gusts of wind we get when out and about running!!…and as a bonus it works as a great hand cream! Also I feel that a great beauty tip is to treat ourselfs to a hair mask and face mask once a week. I prefer to make my own masks, using friuts and natural oils, as I am leaving out all the nasties such as preservatives and harsh chemicals. A great hair mask can be made using crushed avocados,green tea and olive oil. And a face mask using crushes strwberries,olice oil,oatmeal,greaan tea and honey. Leave each mask on for ten minutes,then massage inro the face before washing of for a inviograting and exfoliating effect. I also personally find that a greaty beauty tip all year round is to invest in some great coloured nail polish, pinks and purple tones are my favorite not only are they feminine but very universal when it comes to changing outfits. A great nail colour for winter is Navy, which gives a high fashion finish for those who dare to bare those hands! To finish up I want to say that every indivual has their own skin/hair type, so generically jus remember to cleanse, tone, moisturise, every day and night in order to protect your skin, and it really is trail and error to find the best products for yourself. The products I have listed above are ones that I feel are reccomendable for those with an active lifestyle, and that personally work best for me. And for those who are short on time, I would say invest in a good waterproof mascara as your eyes can frame your whole face once you accentuate those lashes :)

  • Lori B.

    I always remove my make-up and wash my face before a workout to avoid clogging my pores. There are many terrific make-up removal wipes that do the job quickly & effectively. My skin always looks healthiest and most vibrant after a good sweat session, but without a clean face I can wake-up with blemishes.

  • Lisa Rammelt

    My weekend or workout “makeup” includes a few nice Mary Kay products that I’ve found. Start off with tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (SPF 20, I think), a sweep of MK Eyesicles waterproof eye shadow cream, and one coat of waterproof mascara.

  • Jennifer

    Excercise with your hair in braids. I separate my hair into two sections and do a french braid on each side. After your workout, blast the sweaty parts with a blowdryer. I then put on my makeup. I take my braids out and have a nice loose wave in my hair.

  • http://www.strollerstrides.com KIm Strassmann-Eagle

    As as swimmer…I wet my hair completely before I put it in a cap. That way the pool water can’t soak into my dry hair because it already absorbed clean water. Some people say you can also put conditioner in it before you put your swim cap on…BUT DON’T! It can leak into your eyes when swimming and even make your cap slip off!

  • Arnette Kelley

    I have always had GREAT hair but didnt realize until lately that great haircare tips are not common knowledge. I always use conditioner and once a week use a cleansing shampoo and conditioner to keep from getting excessive build-up. I also try to change brands of shampoo/condtioner at least weekly to keep my hair looking fresh. I also occasionally use a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner combination. The idea is to keep your hair fresh looking which changing products frequently helps achieve.

  • Arnette Kelley

    I always carry shampoo and conditioner that I pick-up at hotel visits for my gym bag. They add a great variety to my haircare routine.

  • Janine

    I have started using a product called Arbonne from Switzerlaend, it is a pure and botanical line. When you use ingredients from the earth, you would be surprised by what natural products do on your skin.

  • Tracy

    The best cleanser I have found on the market is Peter Lamas Citrus C Cleanser. It’s all natural, 100% vegan with organic ingredients. A tiny drop goes a long way. My face feels so fresh after I wash with it and it doesn’t feel dry afterward.

  • Christina

    Whenever my skin is feeling dry or dull, I miss sugar with a tablespoon of Olive oil and my regular face wash. and wash my face.(())Nothing I used has worked better then this on my skin I do this just about every other day… :)