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What’s Your Perfume Personality?

Written on August 19, 2010 at 2:55 pm , by

Hey Guys: We’re working on an upcoming fragrance story, and we would love to know your thoughts about perfumes. Please take this quiz below and look for your results in our Nov/Dec 2010 issue. Thanks! -Eleanor

  • Carol Kopyta

    I replenish my same perfumes every year, I rarely change to a new fragrance

  • Stacy Taggs

    Absolute all time favorite is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle!!!!! But I love try and by new scents too!!!! I love parfum!!!!!!

  • Katherine

    I love body sprays..it’s lighter and the scents are airy. Sometimes people go waaay overboard with their perfumes, but with a body spray a little bit will do the trick!

  • Sue Toth

    I change scents with the seasons. I have a few favorites that I use regularly, but I like to try new things too. And I like to layer my scent with shower gel, body lotion and body spray.

  • http://facebook Tracie

    I go smell just about everything new that comes out. I then determine if I am going to put it on to try it from that I then decide if I will buy it or not. I do have some old stand byes like Poeme, Coco, and Jean Paul.

  • Lori

    Usually use body sprays on casual weekend days or post work-out shower. Generally use them more in the summer when it’s hot and you just want a light scent and not heavy perfume.

    My signature scent is Angel by Thierry Mugler. I have others, but this is the one I love. And the bottle is refillable at the perfume counter. Very handy.

  • Jen

    I am highly allergic to most perfumes so I just don’t wear them all that often. Stuff by Laura Mercier I don’t have a huge problem with. I don’t like heavy smelling perfumes, I just sneeze forever, and my eyes water.

  • Lisa

    I have one or two that I enjoy. Most other scents make me gag because women bathe in it.

  • Amanda Tarrats

    I have an everyday fragrance for when I go out during the day. However I have certain fragrances that I save for special occasions like weddings.

    Funny though my everyday fragrance was my signature. When I was younger it caused my ex-boyfriend to think of me anytime some passed wearing my scent. He’s my husband now after three years of being apart, so scent is ultra powerful when it comes to the memory.

  • Jami

    I get migraines from most perfumes, and it is a nightmare when I’m stuck in a workout class with people who are wearing perfume. Please be considerate when wearing it! A little isn’t bad, but when it’s strong, it make me very ill.

  • Pinkerbelle

    If it doesn’t smell like something identifiable and real (coconut, grapefruit, mango – gosh, those are all edible!) then I’m not comfortable wearing it.

  • Koryn

    Ladies, PLEASE stop spritzing in the gym locker room! Some of us are ALLERGIC to that stuff and it messes our sinuses up all day. Go some place with some circulation or non-public!

  • Pat Herflicker

    I like using the body sprays from Arbonne because they are light and clean feeling.

  • cheok sook peng

    perfume should be subtly lovely not too overwhelming :)

  • Stacie Brenner

    My favorites are Nautica’s my voyage and bermuda blue. I replenish them often. I like light, airy, clean, fresh scents. I don’t like overpowering scents or heavy musks.

  • Megan

    Most perfumes smell too strong/unnatural to me so I don’t wear any anymore. I used to really like Pleasures but I haven’t even worn that one in forever. Very rarely I’ll use a Sweet Pea body mist but overall not a perfume fan. Also not a fan of the fact that most women seem to feel the need to bathe in the stuff and make me gag.

  • Ada Arthur

    I’ve returned to an old favorite – Nina Ricci’s L’air de Temps. At almost 70 years of age, I like the feeling I get when that scent reaches my nose. And I like knowing that it’s a scent my children remember my using!

  • Myra

    Absolutely in love with Chanel Chance and Gucci Rush…Can’t live without either of them.

  • Millie3

    Bring back all the heady fragrances of the 80′s. The heavier the better. If you have ever commuted on a train to New York you KNOW how much people stink. I don’t recall people stinking from BO as much in the 80′s as they do now. If you don’t like my perfume I don’t like your body odor. Too bad!