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Made in the Shade

Written on July 15, 2010 at 10:23 pm , by

Found! All of the shadow shades, plus liner, mascara and highlighter, that make brown eyes pop (and I mean POP!)–in a single kit. P.S. This custom kit is also available for other eye colors.

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  • Jessica

    I love the look but is there something more dramatic that can be done with brown eyes? I have very dark brown eyes and extremely pale skin with naturally black hair. I tend to use a black shadow and white shadow a black liner and usually no mascara… I try for a smoke look but it does not always work lol. I get a lot of compliments on my complexion and my eyes as it is but I am looking for something really dramatic to do ‘easily’ with my current look.

  • Eleanor

    Hey Jessica! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m the beauty director here, and I’m in almost the same boat as you. I have dark eyes, fair skin and brown (not black) hair. For you, I would suggest a smoky eye in a color, such as dark plum, a golden green or a luminous navy. Another trick I’ve been loving: I only put gray liner on my bottom lashes and just sweep a tad bit of a pewter/taupe shadow shade on my upper lids. For some reason, it makes my eyes look really awake! Have fun testing and let us know your results.

  • Catie

    Hey ladies! I’m similar to both of you- cinnamon brown eyes, medium/fair skin, and dark brown hair with natural highlights that range from blonde to auburn. I used to try eyeliner on my upper lid, but found that it made my eyes looks more closed than open (alomst sleepy?). so I too just line my bottom lids with brown/black liner, and then a sweep of color on the top (usually depends on what I’m wearing or where I’m going, but is in the brown/taupe/gold, purple, or green color families always), finish with some mascara (to make my blonde tipped lashes stand out), and I look awake and my eyes pop. My routine might also benefit from my brow set though, so take it for what it is- a routine that works for me! Thanks!

  • Darra

    Oh, please help. Can you suggest same eyeshadow brands and color names? I have big, medium brown eyes, fair skin and brown hair with some blonde highlights.

    Thanks very much!

  • http://beautyonthego b

    hi, i have blonde hair, hazil eyes and a fair complexion, what colours would be best to highlight my eyes.