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5 Minutes to Bouncy Post-Gym Hair

Sweat can quickly flatten your style. Here's how to get great hair after the gym (without a wash and redo!).

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Monika Roe
Monika Roe
Monika Roe
Monika Roe
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Step 1: Spray Gel

Spritz five squirts of spray gel, such as Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel ($2.99, drugstores), onto the top layers of dry strands. Use a gentle water-based formula (H2O should be the first ingredient listed on the package), which leaves hair softer and more manageable, says Sarah Potempa, Aussie's celebrity stylist.

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Step 2: Heat Things Up

Wrap a medium-size section of hair around a round brush -- a good one is the Goody Ionic Styles Styler ($5.34, Walmart stores) -- rolling it to an inch away from the scalp. Hold a dryer behind the section for about 10 seconds and blow roots forward for added oomph. "The air will also help dry excess sweat on the scalp," Potempa explains.

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Step 3: Cool Off

Leave hair wrapped around the brush for a few seconds to cool. To preserve volume, unwind strands with your fingers rather than pulling them through the brush. Repeat steps two and three on remaining still-damp, flat sections, Potempa says.

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Step 4: Add Bounce

For a sleek and swingy finish, hold the dryer approximately 6 inches from the ends and flick your wrist as you blow-dry. Finally, tousle hair into position with your fingers.

No one will ever know that you were drenched in sweat just moments before!

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, February 2010.

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katmartinez wrote:

I have short hair and am drenched after my workouts. This hair tousling etc. won't work for me. A hat works is my go to until I can shower and I NEED to shampoo everyday. I agree, wash sweat.

9/7/2010 05:04:07 PM Report Abuse
Rosanne723 wrote:

Many hair stylists have told me to wash as needed. NOT DAILY! Unless you were swimming in pool, or in a smoke filled bar etc. These tips are just that "TIPS" not etched in stone. Use what will work for you. Try just a few seconds under a dryer with a spritz of your favorite body spray can work too. I use my light body spray in my hair. It gives it a fresh smell and I spray my body and I am good to go when squezzing in a workout.

3/17/2010 10:05:02 AM Report Abuse
lollipop_991 wrote:

Shower after workout good. Washing your hair everyday after workout...VERY BAD!!!! My hair would be trashed if I washed and blow dried it every day and so is yours if you are doing it. Dry shampoo works great...can buy it at Sally Beauty or Sephora or I may in fact try this out. Sounds like it would work.

3/10/2010 10:05:33 AM Report Abuse wrote:

To JSOTO11... Don't be so judgy. Of course you need to shower after working out, but sometimes it's not available right away! This is a good suggestion in some cases. I run with a group on Saturday mornings at a forest preserve, then go straight to breakfast. We change at the restaurant and I guess I can see doing a quick blow dry if necessary.

3/9/2010 10:57:17 AM Report Abuse
pinkflamenco wrote:

I wish someone would write an article like this for people with curly hair. I can't possibly use a blow dryer after a workout!

3/9/2010 09:49:16 AM Report Abuse

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