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Makeup Tips

Get gorgeous! We've got the best makeup products to fill your cosmetics tote, plus expert advice on how to apply them.

If you're blessed with a face on the smaller side, your dainty features don't have to keep you from enjoying the contouring craze. Lucky for you, you just won't have to do as much of it!

If you've been on the internet at all over the last few years, you probably know that there's a lot of talk about potentially harmful ingredients lurking in your beauty products.

The smokey eye is an intimidating makeup look women have been steering away from for years.

There is almost always more than one right way to do something, and how to apply foundation is no exception.

Don't get us wrong—we love glamorous red carpet looks, but it's nice to see our favorite celebrities without makeup too. Here are 15 beautiful photos to prove natural can win sometimes.  

BB creams have become a beauty staple in the past few years, and for good reason: they offer moisture, sun protection, and coverage. Even better?

While extra sleep and drinking more water can help, some people are just predisposed to under-eye darkness. Try these fast fixes for getting rid of those icky dark circles.  

How, when, and where to use a luminizer for healthier, more radient skin.

It’s ironic that we spend billions of dollars a year on beauty products to make ourselves look better, yet the same products—if not used, stored, and replaced properly—can also undo all the work by ca

Hey, we've all been there. You're out and about, having the best time ever until … the next morning. While you can't undrink those drinks, you can look fresh with great makeup and skincare.

Sunshine, maxis and the return of your fave outdoor workout make this the happiest time of the year. You're too busy living life to fuss with makeup.

Yes, you should clock eight hours of shut-eye a night, but sometimes life gets in the way. Here's how to look well rested even when you're not.

Whether you love her or love to hate her, you've gotta admit that Taylor Swift's beauty game is on point. Not convinced? Check out our five favorite signature T.

These four women look drop-dead gorgeous, yes, but it's their get-it-done attitude that blew us away.

Adding a little sparkle to your beauty routine can make any outfit more festive.

You don't have to be a makeup artist or a YouTube sensation to master seriously stunning eye makeup.

To celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we sifted through the sea of pink beauty loot that came across our desks and picked products and gear guaranteed to make you look good and feel eve