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Makeup Tips

Get gorgeous! We've got the best makeup products to fill your cosmetics tote, plus expert advice on how to apply them.

Whether you want to splurge on a beauty breakthrough or try a DIY treatment, these FITNESS Beauty Awards winners will make you feel like a million bucks.

Back of woman washing hair

Simplify your beauty routine without sacrificing your look with these top time-saving beauty award winners. 

Your relationship. Your job. Your indoor-cycling class. These are things you want to put a lot of effort into. Your beauty routine? Not so much.

Bold brows enhance your features, make you look more awake and even take a few years off your face.

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These pre- and post-exercise beauty award winners are made to fit your active lifestyle. 

Woman shaving leg

These everyday essentials are so amazing you'll want to use them twice a day. 

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Look chic on the cheap with these beauty award winners, all for just $10 or less. 

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Look years younger with these skin-smart beauty award winners. 

Applying bronzer can be intimidating — one wrong brushstroke and you can look orange, streaky or fake baked.

It's insanely hot outside and you're juggling a jam-packed schedule. So give your blow-dryer a break and forget the full face of makeup.

You don't need a lot to look gorgeous after exercising. Learn how to rock that post-workout glow!

Bronzer can be intimidating—one wrong brushstroke and you can look orange, streaky or fake baked.

When you exercise and eat clean, you look and feel fresh, healthy, and radiant. Wearing the right neutral makeup for your skin tone has the same effect.

The beauty editors of FITNESS Magazine show you how to get a hot holiday look with easy nail and makeup tips.

Stress less! You don't need a closet full of new dresses to get through this season's party-every-night schedule.

Water-resistant makeup looks to sport all season long.

Chuck your boring eyeliner or basic red lipstick and upgrade to one of this spring's hottest hues. We showed five readers how one simple tweak can create a wow-worthy new look.