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Makeup Tips

Get gorgeous! We've got the best makeup products to fill your cosmetics tote, plus expert advice on how to apply them.

Prepare yourselves, because everything here is $10 or less. We feel a shopping spree coming on...

Makeup artist Bianca Alexander, based in NYC, dishes her tips and tricks for curling your eyelashes to perfection.

Could just a few swipes of lipstick land you in the emergency room?

Six products that will give you the ever-so-coveted Jennifer Lopez glow? Yes, please! We'll take two of everything. 

Whether you're looking to splurge, or you're beauty maven on a budget, we've rounded up all our must-have shades to help you choose the perfect nude lipstick. Don't worry, we'll keep it strictly PG.

Spring demands that you have a bold peach blush in your makeup arsenal. Check out our favorites that will give your cheeks a perfect peach flush.

All you need in this world is a great pair of shoes and the perfect liquid lip. Check out our tips and must-have products to rock this trend.

This year, Salma Hayek is making waves for more than her opinions about Donald Trump.

Trust a dermatologist to explain how we should really take it off before bed.

On YouTube today, Adele's makeup artist, Michael Ashton, spilled all his tips on how to look like you just set fire to the rain.

See what your go-to lipstick shade says about you by finding your personality below, or choose a color based on the vibe you want to convey

Tired of your brushes and pencils? Peel-off beauty supplies might be for you. 

If your eyes are smaller than you'd prefer or your lips are on the thin side, a little makeup is all you need to enhance and enlarge your delicate features.

Good news on the spring makeup front! This season, you can give your eyeshadows a break and stock up on some bold, fun lip colors.

No matter what the season, matte lipstick seems to have a tendency to dry out your lips. Pick up one of these hydrating matte lipstick shades, and never fear a dry pout again!

If you're blessed with a face on the smaller side, your dainty features don't have to keep you from enjoying the contouring craze. Lucky for you, you just won't have to do as much of it!

If you've been on the internet at all over the last few years, you probably know that there's a lot of talk about potentially harmful ingredients lurking in your beauty products.