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Easy, Workout-Friendly Hairstyles

These new workout-friendly hairstyles will have you turning heads in a flash.

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easy twist hairstyle
Lynda Churilla
Lynda Churilla
Lynda Churilla
Lynda Churilla
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For Short Hair: An Easy Twist

Sixty-five percent of women want their hair to look good even when they go to the gym, Pantene finds. These styles keep strands back and prevent telltale bumps.

For Short Hair: An Easy Twist

Make a low pony and divide the tail into two sections. Twist them to form a soft chignon.

Watch a how-to video for this hairstyle

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For Medium-Length Hair: Bun with a Headband

Position the bun high, and you'll get a ton of body when you release your strands.

Watch a how-to video for this hairstyle

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For Long Hair: Loose Side Braid

Make a side part and braid any front layers. Pin that section behind your ear and braid the rest.

Watch a how-to video for this hairstyle

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More Easy, Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Try these gorgeous, foolproof hairstyles.

4 Day-to-Night 'Dos

3 Easy Updos

3 Air-Dry Hairstyles

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mloveyourlife wrote:

You just wanted everyone to see the stupid ads, of course! They paid you to say "short Hair!

5/5/2014 11:16:16 PM Report Abuse
wdskvt wrote:

Okay, let's review: short hair, by its very definition can NOT be put in a pony or wrapped in a bun. **FAIL** Adding a headband to the mix does not sufficiently change it up for mid-length. And SERIOUSLY? A loose braid flopping all over, coming undone and sticking to your neck is workout friendly HOW???

7/9/2013 03:44:22 PM Report Abuse
francoach wrote:

This is short hair? It's down to her shoulder blades!

7/9/2013 11:02:46 AM Report Abuse
michellephill19 wrote:

I did not see any hair styles for African Americans? This article is one sided and not diverse unless the expectation is that the magazine is not for African Americans therefore we don't need to address this segement of the population.

2/7/2013 11:25:38 AM Report Abuse
Personis11 wrote:

thank you i have a soccer game to go to and this helps :) and i say its short hair

9/8/2012 11:05:54 AM Report Abuse
blb26 wrote:

Your article states the first view and video clip is for short hair. I am sorry but hair down to the shoulder blades is not short.

2/17/2012 12:49:16 PM Report Abuse
jillie104 wrote:

Too bad you don't really offer an answer for short hair, or even bob-length hair. That is something I could really use.

8/26/2011 11:33:10 AM Report Abuse
aly.daigneault wrote:

why use the same woman for short medium and long hair... and who works out with a loose braid? and you want to be taken seriously?

6/19/2011 12:27:38 PM Report Abuse
mroeseler1 wrote:

I am not sure what your idea of short hair is?! I would like to see some real short hair ideas!!!

6/16/2011 03:06:08 PM Report Abuse
Catherine.Dewitz wrote:

Of course it is short hair! With extensions. Because if you have short hair, you don't have to "do" anything with it to go to the gym. Just go. Anyone worried about what their HAIR LOOKS LIKE at the gym isn't there to workout anyway.

4/22/2011 09:56:13 AM Report Abuse
sarahmwalker861 wrote:

My hair is short to medium length with layers, but I could never accomplish this style. Hopefully there will be an article that genuinely addresses the short hair workout challenge.

4/21/2011 10:39:25 AM Report Abuse
rachg000 wrote:

Everyone needs to chill, It's not like we pay for the membership and FREE advice they give.

4/20/2011 11:12:34 PM Report Abuse
granger-r wrote:

Is the woman's hair in the video you're idea of short hair? Somebody needs to do some fact checking on your articles.

4/12/2011 02:02:03 PM Report Abuse
melody.bock wrote:

Obviously you think only white women work out. I didn't see any solution for my hair. Wish you would actually go to the gym and research before thowing crappy information out there.

4/11/2011 11:02:30 AM Report Abuse
muddoc_b wrote:

Somebody needs to do their research before doing an article or email. DUH!

4/11/2011 08:53:10 AM Report Abuse
s.eisenberger wrote:

I have layers. The examples surely don't address my situation!

4/11/2011 08:49:40 AM Report Abuse
schmittr3 wrote:

I agree with about REAL solutions for REAL women?

4/11/2011 08:33:15 AM Report Abuse
nirvana907 wrote:

wow. lets all write the same thing

4/11/2011 01:17:59 AM Report Abuse
enadcl wrote:

I was going to comment about the "short hair" but seems others have beat me to the punch. How about a real idea for people with short hair!

4/10/2011 11:07:35 PM Report Abuse
hnn244 wrote:

Agree.....that is NOT short hair. My hair is medium length and I could never get enough of a bun out of that to look right. That is for long-hair. Poorly represented. You can't do any of these styles with anything shorter than a mid-back length hair.

4/10/2011 08:31:27 PM Report Abuse
blondeangel2121 wrote:

Does anyone know where could I find a hairband like they were using in the demonstation?

4/10/2011 03:21:13 PM Report Abuse
blb26 wrote:

The statement in the article says short hair. Upon viewing your video the model has long hair. This seems misrepresented for a short hair do. Please try again with someone who really does have shorter hair. For example someone who might have hair at or just below the jaw line.

4/10/2011 12:34:51 PM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

That didn't look like a short hair cut to me. I was trying to find a new idea.

4/10/2011 12:00:36 PM Report Abuse
diwill52 wrote:

I have short hair & no way could I do that. Even the video showed long hair

4/10/2011 11:03:04 AM Report Abuse
almalen wrote:

Are you kidding? Not short hair. LOL...This claim could make your other advice viewed with new skepticism!

4/10/2011 10:49:12 AM Report Abuse
craftymusclemom wrote:

Umm, that "short" hair looks like long hair to me. Good luck with that.

4/10/2011 09:58:28 AM Report Abuse

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