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Hairstyle & Hair-Care Tips

Better blowouts, everyday hair-styling tips, post-workout hair hints -- it's all here in our healthy hair-care guide. Get salon-ready without the stylist.

The best medium length haircuts for every style. From layered looks to bangs, medium bobs and more these shoulder length styles will definitely stun.

Short haircuts can be intimidating, especially when it also means parting with your go-to gym ponytail.

Who says medium hair is just an in-between style when you're growing out your locks? We think this length is gorgeous enough to stand on its own.

Reform your bad hair-styling habits and you'll have gorgeous hair every single day of the week.  

Who says long-haired ladies get to have all the fun? Alberto VO5 hair expert, Chris Lospalluto, shows you how to create a fabulous twisted chignon for short hair in seven easy steps.  

Whether you get your hair carefully and professionally tinted by a master colorist, or you just grab a shade off the drugstore shelf and DIY, hair color never seems to stay as perfect, vibrant, or tru

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of licorice candy, you will love this adorable twist on the classic rope braid.

What you eat can make a difference. Incorporating proteins and complex carbohydrates into your everyday diet can help strengthen your strands. Add these foods to your diet for healthy, shiny hair.

Dashing out of the gym? It's easy to elevate your hairstyle with artful and architectural placement of bobby pins. Yes, that's right: bobby pins. These styles show you how.  

Ready to change up your hair? Try one of these forever-chic short celebrity haircuts. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, there's an option for you.  

If this fancy braiding technique looks familiar, that's because it's been all over Pinterest and all over the runway.

Sick of spending half an hour blow-drying your hair in a crowded locker room? No more. Your days of ducking out of the cool-down in the interest of time are forever no more.

With winter finally out the door (can we get a high five?), we know you'll soon be headed to the pool to soak up the warmer weather and up your fitness game (check out these benefits of swimming).

The average woman will spend more than $20,000 on her hair between ages 18 and 50, according to Toni & Guy research.

We know you struggle with your hair. (We have a tough time with ours, too.) But with a little help from top pros, we're confident that we can make you heart your strands—bends, waves, curls and all.

Cold air can leave hair dull and dry. Revive strawlike strands with our four easy-to-follow steps, then get ready to love your hair, no matter the season.

You may never be a royal, but that doesn't mean you can't have hair like one.

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