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Whiten Up: 6 Moves for Your Prettiest Smile Ever

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Tooth Brighteners Put to the Test

FITNESS staffers put over-the-counter tooth brighteners to the test.

Colgate Luminous Enamel Strengthening Toothpaste in Mint Twist, $2.99, drugstores
The claim: Fluoride gently lifts away surface stains, while minerals help rebuild weak enamel so teeth appear whiter.
Our tester says: "The texture wasn't abrasive like other whitening toothpastes I've tried and the mint flavor made my mouth feel really clean." --Sara, 24
The pro says: "By removing tartar on a daily basis and strengthening the enamel in between professional cleanings, it will make your smile brighter," says Dr. Liechtung.

GoSmile Zen Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, $18,
The claim: Potassium nitrate helps block exposed areas in the enamel, while silica polishes away stains and fluoride prevents decay and strengthens the enamel.
Our tester says: "The paste felt slightly chalky but my teeth didn't have the sensitivity they usually do while brushing." --Tara, 28
The pro says: "Minerals combined with your saliva help to close off exposed nerve fibers and lessen sensitivity from overwhitening," says Dr. Rosen.

Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare, $39.99, drugstores
The claim: Daily use of these five-minutes-a-day formfitting gel strips prevents stain buildup, whitening teeth several shades after one kit (42 pouches).
Our tester says: "I noticed a slight difference after one week, but once I finished the box, I got tons of compliments on my super-white smile." --Nicole, 27
The pro says: "Even low amounts of peroxide can have a big effect -- it's really about using the active ingredient on a consistent basis," says Dr. Rosen.

Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse, $5.49, drugstores
The claim: Germ-fighting ingredients prevent bad breath, while whitening agents brighten your smile after 12 weeks. Our tester says: "I didn't like the taste it left behind, but my teeth are whiter and it's super-easy to use." --Kathy, 45
The pro says: "A whitening rinse is a great tool to prevent already whitened teeth from rebounding back to their original shade," says Dr. Liechtung.

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment in Radiant, $6.95, drugstores
The claim: The blue-based hues diffuse yellow tones and make not-so-bright smiles seem super-white.
Our tester says: "I never think my teeth look really white, so I loved applying a gloss to instantly make my smile seem brighter." --Jenna, 31
The pro says: "The color white that your eye can see naturally has blue undertones," explains Dr. Rosen.

Tip: Watch what you sip. Coffee, tea, dark soda and red wine (and, of course, cigarettes) can penetrate teeth's enamel and cause yellowing. "Skip them entirely for 24 hours after a professional treatment, when teeth are more apt to absorb dark hues, or use a straw to lessen the contact," advises Dr. Rosen.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, April 2007.


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mtlovezu143 wrote:

Thank you for the advice! Always be careful on doing things on your own though, I actually ended up damaging my enamel by using peroxide and mixing it with baking soda which was suggested as a homemade remedy. I have tried it all! Luckily I got introduced to this product called Power Swabs. I highly recommend this product to all. And no I do not work for Power Swabs lol! Just giving a good review on a product that did great for me! :-)

4/14/2014 04:49:57 PM Report Abuse
nancyshevell1729 wrote:

Without any doctor's consultation, you can get pearly white teeth. Several at home treatment options to get white teeth are rubbing banana peels on your teeth for two minutes, apply mashed strawberries on your teeth, lemon juice, carrots that remove plaque from your teeth, and baking soda, which is the safest and strongest teeth whitener. If you don't get those pearly whites even after trying these natural techniques, then you should consult your family dentist.

12/7/2013 04:35:34 AM Report Abuse

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