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Swimsuits to Love Your Lower Half

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Slimming Bottoms

    Swimsuit tips to love your lower half:

    • Stay away from skirted bottoms and boy shorts, which make your legs look shorter and your booty look bigger.
    • Choose a top with fuller coverage to help balance your lower body.
    • Try a swimsuit bottom with a fold-over waist to visually slim your rear view.

    Smoothies by Gossip Shaved Ice top, $20, and bottom, $20

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Frilly Tops

    Becca by Rebecca Virtue Defining Moment top, $72, and bottom, $54

  • Top Advantage

    La Blanca Shine On top, $77, and bottom, $55

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Tie-Dye Prints

    Lenny Tie-Dye bikini, $189

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Spots and Stripes

    DKNY Swimwear top, $72, and bottom, $68

  • Jeffrey Westbrook

    Sunset Hues

    Sauipe Amanda bikini, $175

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, May 2012.

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