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The Best Swimsuits for Pear Shapes

  • Amy Postle

    Love Your Lower Body

    "I learned how to show my lower half some love!" — Nicole Badke, 23

    "Bikini bottoms tend to cut into my thighs and hips, making them bulge," Nicole says. The solution: a sizzling one-piece. The V-neck accents Nicole's upper body, and high-cut bottoms help lengthen her legs. "I usually wear bikinis," she says. "But in this suit, I feel comfortable and confident."

    On Nicole: Old Navy, $30,

  • Amy Postle

    Slimming Stripes

    Tommy Bahama swimsuit, $142,

  • Amy Postle

    Cute Polka Dots

    Boden Retro swimsuit, $68,

  • Amy Postle

    One-Shoulder Swimsuit

    Karla Colletto swimsuit, $281, Town Shop, New York City; 212-787-2762

  • Amy Postle

    More Swimsuits for Every Body Type

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