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Fashion For Women Who Like to Work Out

No baggy tees or frumpy sweatpants here! Find the best clothes and gear for your workout, and get expert fashion advice on dressing for your body type.

No more stiff you-can-barely-move-in-them blues. This season's superstretchy denim lets you shake -- and shape -- your booty.

Enjoy the sexy look of heels — without foot pain.

These sexy swimsuits give you coverage but still show some skin.

Join us on the sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic as we go behind the scenes of our May swim issue.

Don't sizzle on the sidelines — these sporty, sexy suits are built for action. Find the one that fits your shape and get in the game.

How many times have you bought a cute pair of jeans online, only to end up at the post office for a return when you realize that "your size" is way too big or snug?

The fun's not over just because summer is. Whether you're working out or simply out and about town, these playful, sporty toppers are perfect for fall temps without being all buttoned up.

One-piece swimsuits that flatter your body type and make you look leaner.

Bikinis that will stay up when you're swimming laps or playing beach volleyball.

How many pairs of jeans do you own? That's the beautiful thing about denim, they never really go out of style (for long).

Flatter your figure with these bottom-slimming suits.

Swimsuits and support and structure for a large chest.

Flatter your figure with these curve-enhancing swimsuits.

Flattering swimsuit with body-slimming control to hide a belly.

We're loving these hot new flats. They're sporty with a chic streak.

Our favorite products that benefit breast cancer research.

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans? Fall's newest denim styles flatter every shape and size.

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