Are there exercises to fix saggy knees?
What exercises can get rid of saggy knees?
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Go sleek in the knees with a burn and firm fix. Drop excess body fat with a mix of diet and cardio to trim glab all over and "make it easier to see the stronger muscles around the knee," says FITNESS advisory board member John Porcari, Ph.D., professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Then build your quads. "Sagging happens when skin isn't being supported and shaped by underlying muscle," says Jerzy Gregorek, head weight-lifting coach at the University of California, Los Angeles. "Instead of a traditional squat, bend at the knees as if you were about to kneel; this works muscle fibers near the knee better."

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Yes, make sure your body fat is under a percentage. Then you will need to work on your quads. All types of squats, lunges and leg extension.
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I agree with the above. I have saggy knees thanx to a significant weight loss (105lb.s), and I work on my quads, and hammy's for this reason. My knees are still a little on the saggy side, but they are a lot better since I started on these four months ago.
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