How do I get rid of razor bumps?
How do I get rid of stubborn razor bumps from shaving?
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Nix nicks by applying salicylic acid-based serum daily. Prevent future bumps with these five easy steps:

1) Sharpen your tool. The duller the razor, the more likely it will scratch your skin. Change yoru blades about once a week. 2) Heat it up. Before shaving, run hot water over the blades for 10 seconds. The warmth will make it easier to slice through each strand. 3) Avoid alcohol-based gels. These can worsen ingrown hairs. Also, steer clear of tight workout clothes for an hour after shaving. 4) Vanquish germs. Leaving your razor in the shower increases the risk that it will pick up bacteria. Dip it in rubbing alcohol and store it in a drawer. 5) Ease off. Glide the blades lightly in one direction (with the grain). Stroke the razor over each area just once; multiple strokes can cause a rash.


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