Is snacking at night ok?
Iíve heard a lot of advice about snacking at night, and Iím pretty confused. Obviously itís bad to go overboard and binge when it's very late, but how harmful is it to have good snacks (like plain yogurt or bananas and peanut butter) if Iím actually hungry? As long as the food is healthy, is nighttime eating really that harmful to health and weight?
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Get this question all the time.  There's nothing magical about the time of day ... it's the food choices during those times that are the challenge.  Most people aren't like you and eating yogurt or bananas and peanut butter as snacks).  That being said, if these are excess calories ... above and beyond your bodies need ... they'll get stored.  Also, I wouldn't recommend sitting for a Thanksgiving meal and immediately falling asleep.  Not only is your body less active so more likely to store the calories, but it could interrupt your sleep.  If you're dividing your meals throughout the day, eating at night is OK, but try to lump more of the calories earlier and around a workout. 

Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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