What are good healthy foods for a picky eater?
I am a very picky eater. And I'm not so great on trying new things. Each meal I have is usually just one food because I can't find much that would taste good with the foods that I do like. Is there a way I can eat healthy without trying new things?
Submitted by karilynn03

Without knowing a single thing about your diet, it's impossible to answer.  Of course the pickier you are the more limiting your diet.

Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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Don't know how picky you are but plainer foods are easier to try. Single food meals are OK as long as you balance out your carbs, proteins, and fats in your overall intake. Your blood sugar levels & appetite will be much more stable if you combine a carb & protein for each meal. Complex carbs are better (whole grains, pasta) There is a "whole grain white bread" available, can't remember who makes it. A peanut butter sandwich has both carbs and proteins. So does pizza. Eat a fruit/ veggies for snacks. I hate milk... drink calcium fortified OJ instead. There is a supplement called "Juice Plus" that extracts all the nutrients from freshly juiced fruits/ veggies & puts them in a capsule. Won't replace eating fruits/ veggies entirely, but provides some key nutrients you might o/w miss.
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Actually it's like 27 times.
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They say you have to feed a child something three times before they will consider liking it. Also, start cutting packaged food out (such as swiss cake rolls) and items with extra salt out of your as much as possible. You'll find your taste buds start to like the healthier stuff more and more. It's about slow change. As you grow older, your taste change anyway.
Submitted by audidog