Best way to lose bodyfat?
I'm 39 yr old female, 138 lbs, 27% bodyfat, 5ft 4in tall - I'm currently working with a trainer 3x a week and doing cardio 2x a week. I'm eating between 1600 to 1700 calories a day and burning 4100 calories a week through exercise (according to my HR monitor). The last 3 weeks I haven't lost any weight or bodyfat. I'd like to get down to 20% bodyfat as a goal. What should I be doing differently?
Submitted by laura_dukes

Where are those calories coming from? Making sure you eat those 1600ish calories from lean proteins, healthy fats, and fiber based carbs (like veggies/fruits) is the key. You may have to cut calories a bit, too ... weight loss research suggests 1200-1500 calories. I assume with the trainer you're also doing resistance training. Good luck!
Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
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I would suggest eating small meals/snack throughout the day. Lift heavier weights. You have a trainer so you are safe to do it. Women tend to not lift enought weight. But the biggy would be Interval training. I have burned 350 calories in 30 minutes on a treadmill using this method. Good luck and stick with it. Everyday you are healthier than the last.
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hi. so, is the Atkins diet good for life style? how fare can you go with this diet? I NEED TO LOSE 30 LBS.
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