Nuts are not a healthy option for everybody...
A lot of suggestions for healthy snacks and quick meals have nuts or legumes in them. (or are simply, some form of nuts). I feel very limited in my diet when the majority of healthy snacks offered I can't eat which makes my diet monotonous and I end up slipping with sugary or fattening (or both) treats more often than I want to just to get some variety. With so many nut and legume allergies out there, what do you recommend to someone who can't eat them?
Submitted by mandaoliveri1

Right, if you have an allergy of course those selections aren't good for you. Fruit, veggies, hummus, string cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese all come to mind immediately.
Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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Yes, chick peas are legumes. String cheese is my BFF in terms of snacks.
Submitted by anneco2

Isn't hummus made of chick peas? Are they legumes? I am allergic to a lot of raw nuts and raw veggies but I am lucky in being allerguc to most things only before having them cooked of roasted. The raw food diet would totally mean death to me.
Submitted by tuulen_tarpoja