Food Allergies
If I'm allergic to an ingredient in food, like nuts or milk, should I avoid it in my beauty products?
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It's a smart idea, docs say. While there aren't significant studies on this topic, assume you're allergic until proven wrong, says Marsha Gordon, M.D., a St. Ives dermatologist in New York City. Check labels for your allergens. If the ingredients aren't clearly listed, apply a small amount to your inner arm twice daily for about 10 days before you use it on your face. That is how long it takes for some hypersensitivity reactions to occur. If any irritation develops, avoid the product.
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Submitted by christa.dickson

Submitted by christa.dickson

i am alergic to ALL shell foods but i still eat it.what to do?
Submitted by lovingangelaab

i cant have any gluten and i have found that dove is the cheapest gluten free shampoo i can find.
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I have a gluten allergy, and I cant use any lotions that have gluten in them. (and most do). Shampoos also I try to avoid because most use wheat starch. It mainly depends on your type of reaction and how severe of an allergy it is.
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what kind of cosmetics are you using? i dont think i've ever seen a cosmetic package or used cosmetics that contain nuts and milk.
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Are you taking any medications that may be the culprit or have you been less active in the last month? What about your age...are you still growing or have you stopped menstrating in the last year?
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I have alot of food allergies and in the last month have gained 6 pounds without increasing the amount of food or really changing much in my diet. Do you think that the allergies could be the culprit?
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