Fruit: Friend or Foe?
Everywhere we look these days there is a new "diet" that says eat this or eat that...but when it comes to fruit the jury still seems to be out. I have taken a somewhat simple approach to eating healthy...stick to lean meats, greens, and whole grains. much fruit is too much?
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I love your approach! Simple is better. Fruit has unfairly gotten a bad rap - just remember, we are not a country who has gotten overweight by eating too much fruit. Add these 3 simple rules of thumb to your healthy eating approach: 1. Eat the entire rainbow of colors in your diet each day (from fruits/veggies) 2. Eat a fruit and/or veggie with every meal and snack 3. Strive for 9 servings of fruits/veggies a day with the majority coming from veggies
Answered by Dr_Kara_Mohr
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Fruits have vitamins and minerals in them that veggies, meats and breads dont have. Enjoy a generous serving of fruits daily
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