Thigh Bye Foods
What foods are bad for thighs and arms? What foods are directly linked to the gathering of fat in those areas? It would be nice to avoid them. Thanks!
Submitted by rae_friends

The only area where there has been a direct scientific link between types of food consumed and weight gain in certain areas of the body is abdominal fat. Otherwise we don't think of certain foods being stored as fat in certain areas of the body. Most of us however, have areas where we tend to gain weight most easily. To avoid weight gain in general, you want to watch total calories and exercise regularly. So I would say avoid those foods you tend to overeat the most.
Answered by Dr_Kara_Mohr
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
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Dr. Abravaneil Body type book claims that certain diets are appropriated for certain types of body. The body type is determined , partially, by the way fat is stored in your body (stomach, tight, arms, face, etc) . Some people I know have followed the diets on this book and are extremely satisfied with it. They had great results that did not only lost weight but in the areas they wamted to.
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