Is it true cold water burns calories?
Is it true that drinking a cup of cold water burns calories because your body heats itself up after consuming cold water? (I heard it's about 50 per 8 oz.) It seems too "silver bullet-y" but Oxegyn magazine said it was true. I am very confused.
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Like Dr. Mohr, I have not seen any solid research on this. However, being well hydrated is very important. Sometimes not being optimally hydrated can be confused with hunger; meaning if you have not been skimping on calories and get hungry, ask yourself if you have had adequate fluid intake during the day.
Answered by CoachDrMichele
I haven't ever seen anything suggesting your body increases the calorie burn by that much -- that would mean all you have to do is drink 8 cups of water each day to lose about 1 lb per week. While I think drinking that much (or more) is a great idea, it's not going to magically cause you to shed body fat.
Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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