Remedies for Dry Skin
I Apply Heavy Cream Daily, So Why Is My Skin Still Dry?
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Frosting-thick moisturizer may seem like the creme de la creme, but its texture can prevent softening ingredients from penetrating. (Who knew?) Instead, try a lighter lotion with dimethicone. "It creates a glove-like layer that locks in your natural moisture as well as hydrating ingredients in the formula," says New York City dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, MD. The barrier is also water-resistant -- perfect in winter, when you're washing your hands more often. I scoured some of the newest lotions and discovered that 24-hour formulas (check the label) usually contain the ingredient.

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My particilar fave: Lubriderm Intensive Therapy Cream ... This cream is light weight and absorbs quickly. My 16 ounce tub lasts two months with all-over daily use !!
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