Low-Maintenance Hair Color
Which Haircolors Are the Easiest to Maintain?
Submitted by FitnessEditor

"Blondes" like Sarah Jessica Parker have it made when it comes to maintaining their haircolor. Not only is her streaky look fun, but it masks regrowth better, says Uliana, owner of New York City's Uliana Hair Studio. She says that two hues should be incorporated—"one that's two shades lighter than your natural color and the other four shades lighter." To avoid overprocessing the ends (and to save time), have only the roots touched up by your stylist. Because blonde hair tends to oxidize (sun, surf and chemicals are all color-changing culprits), Uliana recommends coming in to the salon at the halfway point for a glaze that will restore color and boost shine.

Richer Reds: "Red is the toughest color to keep," says Uliana. "The color molecules in the dye are larger and thus more easily lost." The key to a long-lasting, low-maintenance look (take Debra Messing's rich red hue) is to use a permanent color in a shade close to your own. "If it's too light, you'll have telltale regrowth," says Uliana. To keep the color true, have a semipermanent glaze applied between treatments, and use a color-enhancing product like ARTec Orange Marigold Color Depositing Shampoo or Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner once a week.

Answered by FitnessEditor