Blisters from Running
How can I prevent blisters on my feet when I'm running?
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There's no way to totally prevent blisters, but you can stave them off, says Spencer Casey, senior manager at the New York Running Company in New York City. He suggests trading cotton socks for sweat-wicking ones made with Coolmax or Nike Dri-FIT. "Cotton traps moisture, which causes the friction that creates blisters," he says. He also suggests putting baby powder or BlisterShield (found at running specialty stores) on your feet pre-run.

Answered by FitnessEditor
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are your shoes the right size? dehydrating concotions to put on your feet will keep your feet dry. and prevent the slippy slides in your shoes
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Toe Socks-I swear by them.
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I get blisters from almost all sneakers in the same exact spot, so I use medical tape in that spot on my arches to avoid the blisters. It works really well for me. Just be sure to choose a tape that will stick when your feet start to sweat.
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