How to Gain Muscle
I want to gain muscle. Should I stop running and just do strength training?
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“Running is definitely not counterproductive to building muscle, unless you’re looking to dramatically increase muscle mass,” says Gregory Florez, CEO of “In fact, as a weight-bearing exercise, running helps develop more lean muscle mass in the lower body—which also keeps your bones healthy.”

That doesn’t mean it’s a substitute for strength-training, though. “Include lower-body strength moves like squats and lunges and upper-body moves like push-ups and pull-ups to reduce injury risk, increase stamina and boost metabolism,” adds Florez.

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You will need plenty of protein. so what ever your weight is in kg, double it at least ans thats how much protein you need. Split it, so you are taking protein regulary through out the day say every 2-3 hours. Then you will need to do heavy weighted exercises and mainly compound exercise. So squats, deadlitfs and bench press are great for packing on size.
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