i want to try a detox to lose weight combined with diet and exercise....will this keep the lost pounds off
Submitted by mischievousone1

Detox "diets" are really popular but they are not an effective weight loss solution and are really just a fad. Skip these and focus on smarter eating -- fruits and veggies with each meal, switching to whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats
Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
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Hello, A Detox diet is essentially a diet that's changed in an exceedingly manner that may aid removal of toxins from the body. Detox diet became very hip as the way to jump start a weight loss set up or to cleanse the colon as a part of a body wide targeted detox regimen. Detox diet foods are: 1.Lemons 2.Garlic 3.Fresh fruits 4.Green tea
Submitted by larry.brown06

Detox diets are a fad. There is no good evidence that shows that they are a miracle method. Cutting calories by about 300-500 from what you normally eat, coupled with exercise that burns about 400 calories per session is MOST effective to lose fat AND keep it off.
Submitted by CoachDrMichele