How can I hide acne scars?
How can I hide the scars of pimples?
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To camouflage an acne mark that is red, your best bet is to mix two concealers–one that matches your skin tone and one that’s about one or two shades darker. Use a foundation or concealer brush to tap the concoction over the scars and make sure to blend, blend, blend so that your color-correcting looks natural. And if you’re mark is really red, look for a concealer with a yellow undertone (try Kryolan UltraFoundation in Yellow Veil). Yellow counteracts the pink in your scar. For marks that are raised or textured, stick to matte powders.

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I have acne scarring and at night after I cleanse and tone I puncture a hole in a Vitamin E capsule and apply the "oil" all over my face like a moisturizer. It WILL NOT clog your pores. When you sleep your skin cells rebuild and your skin will absorb all the benefits of the vitamin. Its made my scars go down visibly in only 3 weeks of using it, and the redness is almost gone. You can get them in the supplement section at a pharmacy.
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