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How Can I Get Rid of Belly Fat After a Pregnancy?

I had my 2nd baby 8 months ago. I've been watchful of what I eat and have been exercising 4 or 5 days a week doing cardio and strength training. I have lost inches in my thighs and butt and really toned up my arms, however, none of the pregnancy weight on my midsection has come off no matter how hard I work. My belly and lovehandles bulge out of the top of my jeans even though my lower half looks slim and toned. It looks like I've lost my curves and I hate it. Help?
Submitted by ortalkavon

Here's what we got from exercise physiologist and fitness expert Dr. Kara Mohr:

"My daughter turns 1 yr old this Saturday - so I know where you are coming from. Post baby body weight does not equal post baby body!! I would suggest increasing the intensity of your cardio workouts, making sure you include intervals (alternating walking with fast walking or sprinting). And be sure your strength training includes combination moves that work multiple muscles including the core (plank rows, push-ups, squat with military press, etc) rather than single muscle groups. Good luck!"

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start regular exercise. Your midwife will tell you when to start the basics. When yo are passed that. Its down to what you are eating, when you are eating and of course regular exercise. You need a mixture of cardio, strength training and stretching. I would include your basic compound exercises like squats, bench press, military press, and also include core work (static like planks and dynamic like sit-ups).
Submitted by support29228
For nay women weight gain is really irritating and which required to be burn at any cost. Where accordign to me Kou Tea which is natural and herbal and which can be taken according to routine daily and help to burn fat
Submitted by jhnjohn359
Try lying on the floor, facing up, do double and single leg raise (30 counts each) on daily basis. two sessions per day (one in morning, one before bedtime). Intially, start with 20 counts each and slowly increase to 30 counts each when your stamina allows. you will be able to see the result in 3 months time.
Submitted by chewhuichin
They say that the belly fat is the most challenging part to tighten esp. after giving birth. I had the same problem couple of months back and I would say that I am loving my progress on that zone. So, what worked for me is to religiously do core workout at least 4x a week. isolating exercises for obliques and the rectus abdominis. Another key is that I change or modify my work out every 2 weeks. Now, I lost 6 inches on my waist and is now wearing a size 0-2. Good Luck! :D
Submitted by Glam_Aiye_NYC
I used Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. This video will tighten your mid section. Really works if you stick with it. I lost over 80 pounds (droped from size 18 to size 2). I worked out 4-5 days for over a year, and still feel like i'm dying each time I work out with this video.
Submitted by karengibson901
I am 32 and have 4 children. I have the opposite problem, I have lost alot of my muffin top but my legs and butt seem are bigger and I would like to see smaller. I did alot of planks full sit- ups and didn't have a problem losing the bulge. Really watch what you eat and I found the stability ball helps alot.
Submitted by jsouthy
I don't have an answer, I have the same question! I had my third child 7 months ago and I'm 41. I exercise 4-5 days a week, my legs and butt are looking better but my belly fat won't budge! Help!
Submitted by HostTammy

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