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Why am I not losing more weight?

2 months ago, I stopped eating junk and went from couch potato to walk/jogging 30+ minutes a day, at least 4 days a week. I started adding in burst of speed or resistance to my routine this last month, along with weight training. I am watching/measuring everything I eat so I never go over 1200 cal, but am only losing about a pound a week! I'm 5'6 and weigh 194 and really want to lose 30+ pounds but dont know why I'm not making more progress. What gives?
Submitted by biomed1975

Congratulations on the positive changes -- what other successes have you been seeing? Slow and steady wins the race. While everyone wants success to happen overnight, consistency is the key. From the sounds of it, you're doing what it takes to maintain muscle yet still lose fat. Keep up what you're doing and make sure the calories you're eating are a quality 1200.
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Submitted by abdus.shafi
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Submitted by bharatshah289
im 56 years old 250 pounds and need to know where to start. I ot the diet going but the exercise is hard to figure out, my feet hurt if i am on the to long. So i am thinking the pool might be best, what do you think and any advise would be helpful
Submitted by terryb561
There is a chance that you may have slowed down your metabolism. 1200 calories is the minimum recommended calorie intake while dieting. Consider upping the calorie consumption slightly while increasing protein and decreasing carbs - especially if you are weight-training, you should see better results sooner with increased protein and decreased carbs. To help prevent your metabolism from getting used to 1200 calories - try 1500 one day, 1000 the next, 1200 the next and so on.
Submitted by jgmn09

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