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Stuck in a circle

I love when i lose weight but then i stop exercising and eating right and gain back that same 6 pounds. and its always those same 6 pounds. I think im doing it on purpose but i dont know how to stop. can you give me some tips on how to stay on track and get past those 6 pounds?
Submitted by heyheyyayday1

Write down your "why" -- why are those 6 lbs so important to you? I'd shift the focus away from the scale and instead move to things like ... how your clothes fit, how you feel about your body and image, etc. There's nothing magical about a number on the scale and continuing to focus only on that will sabotage your ultimate success. Good luck!
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
Submitted by abdus.shafi
You probably know to keep exercising and eating properly is what you have to do, but that's where you are having the issues it seems. You have to tell yourself that exercise and a healthy eating regimine is part of everyday life. They aren't something you do just to lose weight. They are things you do to stay fit and healthy. Tell yourself "No more diets". Just eat healthy and exercise.
Submitted by mamagerry
Keep exercising...don't stop just because you lose those pounds, but keep exercising because it's good for your health. Also does the amount you are eating change even though you are eating healthy food? Exercise and diet needs to be a life change, not just a temporary fix. Lose your 6 pounds, but don't stop there, get excited about it and stay motivated to stay toned and maintain your new lost weight.
Submitted by teachypeachy

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