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how can i lose lose 10 pound in 2 weeks?

i want to lose 10 pound in 2 weeks how can do it ?
Submitted by mariambloom

I wouldn't recommended such rapid weight loss, but these tips will help you lose a consistent, healthy amt of weight. 1. Replace carbs with veggies and some fruit 2. Include a lean protein with each meal. 3. Start each meal with 2 glasses of water 4. Replace 1 meal/day with a large salad and lean protein. 5. Enjoy a handful or raw nuts as a snack 1-2x/day
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
Submitted by abdus.shafi
I had trouble loosing weight,too. But I finally found the natural supplement that works well for me and my friends.I lost 25 lbs in 3 months. I have free info. about this on my site at
Submitted by bharatshah289
What helped me lose weight, and keep it off, was drinking milk. It fills you up, and it really doesn't add a lot of calories to your day. Eating fruits and veggies is great, but it doesn't really fill you up, and I realize that I'm tempted to grab something else to eat with it, like another carb. So what I do is drink milk or eat yogurt with the fruit and veggies. It keeps you full longer and you don't feel guilty because milk is very good for you.
Submitted by royalp8
I agree that losing weigh so rapidly is a bad idea, but one thing that worked for me was a shakeology cleanse. Its a three day cleanse get rid of the toxins in your body. I lost 5lbs during this time and did not gain any of it back. It made a huge difference in my appearance though, in that it really reduced bloat. It also gave me more energy and made me feel better. You can find more info on shakeolgy at
Submitted by volleygirlinaz

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