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I have a hard time sticking to diets! Im on a budget so i need to find good healthy foods that are with in reasonable price. I also work with kids who have snack times throughout the day. It is so hard for me to say no to what they are snacking on sometimes. I am a full time college student and also work full time at a daycare so fitting in healthy meals is hard because i am always on the go. What can i prepare for meals and snacks that are good, healthy, quick, and reasonably prices?
Submitted by cnanderson4

We just recently wrote a blog about this very topic. Check it out here:
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I also am a full-time college student AND work at a daycare center. Snacks are always hard to avoid when serving the kiddos but every time I feel myself slipping, I stop and ask myself "is it worth it"? Thinking about the extra calories always stops me from mindless munching. Since I also watch my spending, my go-to snacks are baby carrots with string cheese, apples and peanut butter, a bag of low-calorie kettle corn, or trail mix. Hitting up the bulk section always saves money for me!
Submitted by emerooj
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Submitted by abdus.shafi
Eating healthy isn't easy and isn't as cheap as eating unhealthy. You have to sacrifice something in order to have a healthy lifestyle. I am a college student as well and don't have much money to spend so I look for sales and shop at different stores for different things. Maybe take more time in the morning to pack a healthy sandwich in a cooler for the car, etc. I eat pretty healthy and it definitely isn't easy like the quick processed meals! but the results are worth it!!
Submitted by Lizkovics

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