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Healthy Eating for a Vegetarian

i would like to lose weight, but i'm vegetarian and most of the diet books are for meat eaters. where could or find or what is an example of a days worthy of healthy, balanced, vegetarian meals? also, since i eat mostly fruits and veggies, do i count those calories against me? if i get the late-night munchies and grab a box of strawberries, is that going to inhibit my weight loss?
Submitted by A_Moira

I'm not familiar with vegetarian diet books to recommend one but for weight loss, the same principles apply, vegetarian or not. Restrict your total calories and increase movement to lose weight. So, yes count your calories (even those from fruits/veggies). A box of strawberries is better nutritionally for you than potato chips but if it puts you over your calories for the day it isn't the best choice. To lose 1 lb a week you'll need to cut down your calories by 500 per day.
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
Submitted by abdus.shafi
I'm a vegetarian too! Here's what I normally eat in a day, I hope it helps. I try to eat small portions of protein and/or veggies and fruits every three hours or so to keep my metabolism revved up. Breakfast: Fruit smoothie (frozen berries, POM juice, banana, etc) Lunch: A salad with nuts and dried fruit in it, or sliced veggies with hummus Dinner: Veggie soup, salad with protein (like beans), or a veggie omelet For snacks, fruit, nuts, carrots with hummus etc I drink green tea constantly too.
Submitted by rgnerin1
I am also a vegetarian and for me to eat something, I have to love it. My day is filled with walking all over campus, work, and working out. Protein can be your best friend. I eat eggs, beans, nuts, and especially nonfat Greek yogurt. 22g of protein in one cup from the trader joe's brand. Plain is great because its a blank canvas, you can make anything from savory dips to sweet parfaits.
Submitted by melbewitched
I'm a vegetarian! As a vegetarian, it is really easy to overeat when you're not getting your protein or foods that fill you up. To get my protein and ENERGY for the day, I eat a lot of black beans and re-fried beans (tacos, fajitas, taco salads, black bean chili). I also make a pinto bean (or black bean) burger that gives you endless possibilities. I also eat a lot of pasta (homemade marinara, pesto, lasagna, etc). Nuts a good option (PB&Js, apples w/ peanut butter, or peanuts)!
Submitted by audidog
I'm a runner and a vegetarian, but all the advice and diet tips I see on here are for meat eaters! Cutting calories is NOT the only/best answer! Make sure you're not only eating fruits/veggies, but protein like eggs, tofu, seitan, etc. for that extra boost of energy. Should you choose to cut your caloric intake, at least make sure you are being healthy and balanced about it. At any bookstore you will find a great deal of books on vegetarian meals, recipes, and diet plans.
Submitted by dontasktodance1

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