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I'm Cutting Calories, But Not Losing Weight. Why Not?

I try to eat healthy as much as possible. I eat lean proteins, complex carbs, and many veggies. I try to be conscious of my sodium intake as well. At work I am on my feet for most of the day and walking up and down stairs for at least 30 minutes a shift. Here's my dilemma: I still don't think I am getting enough calories! My online food journal says that I should be taking in about 1800 cals a day to lose weight and I am only getting about 1200. Is that enough? Am I hurting my efforts to lose?
Submitted by mollygirl828

Are you losing weight/fat ... and, if so, how quickly (or not)? That will determine if your calorie intake is correct.

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Submitted by abdus.shafi
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Take measurements of your arms, chest, and waist. 1 pound of fat and one pound of muscle weight the same, but muscle takes up 1/3 the room that the fat does. You could be losing inches instead of pounds. I wouldn't go under 1000 calories in a day. I would try adding some more exercise to your day (your body adapts to what you do quickly, so it's already used to your work shift and the stairs). Remember to drink plenty of water as well, it helps flush out all the stuff you don't need.
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