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Shaving Less Frequently

How can I get a longer-lasting shave?
Submitted by FitnessEditor

Extend the time between your get-sleek sessions by shaving at the end of your shower, when the warm water has expanded pores, bringing hair follicles closer to the surface. "This helps the blade cut hair nearer to your legs," says Shobha Tummuala, owner of Shobha Salons in New York City.
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i have used every razor electric and not whether i shave up or down it doesn't really matter really i don't know i just hate it but now that its winter i haven't shaved in 3-4mnths its too cold i live in sydney australia so its freezing here i just wear long pants all the time but sometimes i feel like wearing short things but then i can't because i haven't shaved my legs.
Submitted by tammyteuila
I use a Gillette fusion (men's razor)...when pores are open...with oil of Olay body wash and only shave up. Silky smooth for several days. I live in Florida so I wear shorts, dresses, or a swimsuit everyday and shave everyday to every other day. Unless the razor is dull I never get razor burn/bumps. And body hair is never sexy on a woman...that's my opinion.
Submitted by olsenjennifer7
I prefer to shave twice daily and then apply organic cocoa butter on the shaved areas to increase beutification. I have also found that applying mayonnaise to the shaved areas and let it soak for about 30 minutes helps smoothness of the skin and reduce redness. Now if you do this daily, your skin will be looking better each day.
Submitted by cosmoboy13
I have found that shaving after the warm water has opened your pores gives a closer, smoother shave and NOT using shaving cream, unless it is the one that is actually cream-lotion, not in a pressurized can. Sometimes if I want a really really close shave, I just get in the bath and do it, especially those hard to reach areas. You are less likely to fall or hurt yourself if you sit down. Sometimes I fill a plastic tub with hot water and shave that way it seems to make my legs softer
Submitted by htofires
I would try having the hair on your legs removed by laser. If you keep getting it done that way it will stop growing back
Submitted by EmilyMarie9
wow not shaving is disgusting. I don't know any men who think it is - must be a 70's thing! I used to not shave in the winter but then I got married and I have to shave daily because I dont know when things are gonna get steamy! but I found that using a cheap hair condition (suave for instance) instead of shaving cream gets a closer shave, and makes your legs a lot smoother and cuts down on razor bumps because the glide is easier. AND it costs way less than buying shaving cream! :)
Submitted by ellenadelaide
Back in my old hippie days, I didn't shave at all, for years. I found that most men loved it. They found it sexy! And after that, in the wintertime I shaved a lot less, since you're wearing long pants,socks, and long sleeves all the time. Now that I'm retired, I've gone back to not shaving at all. Of course I have a lot less hair now, but it's a lot easier and my husband loves it!(of course, he's an old hippie too!)
Submitted by southerncruise2

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