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Racoon Eyes

I use waterproof eye makeup, but it never stays put. Any raccoon-proofing tips?
Submitted by FitnessEditor

The longest-lasting liners are liquid. "They can hold up for 24 hours," says Michelle Affronti, a makeup artist in Los Angeles. To keep your mascara from sliding south, apply face powder underneath eyes with a fluffy eye shadow brush. My favorite, Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Perfecting Mineral Concentrate ($9.95, drugstores, at left), has an attached brush that deposits the right amount.

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they make eyeshadow "primers" that seem to help me. my shadow and liner used to be gone in 1/2 an hour, but with a primer, i make it most of the day
Submitted by mschlund2
Related to the question re: Racoon Eyes, & how to prevent your eye makeup from migrating down. I have experimented with so many different brands/styles of eyeliner, & mascaras -- looking for something that stays put (as most of them claim to do), but alas, within a short time, the telltale under eye smudging has been a continuous battle. Concealors, foundations & moisturizers also contribute to the (lack of) longevity of eye makeup. I have yet to find the right combination. Please HELP!
Submitted by lauramarino123

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