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hair problem

I have thick abundant curly hair and is bcut in long layers ;how can i make my hair stay in place when i let it out without getting all frizzy and up in a hairball-like?
Submitted by claribelcruz1

Curly strands are prone to frizz when they dry naturally, so start styling while your hair is sopping wet. A mixture that’s great: Work in equal parts hydrating curling cream and an oil-based serum from roots to ends. If your strands still start to pouf, lightly rub on a glossing serum on dry hair to control frizzies. This trick will help block out humidity. And remember: Heat, UV rays and chemicals strip hair, making it porous, which aggravates the fluff. Comb in conditioner before diving into the pool to minimize chlorine damage.

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Im known as goldilocks at school but when it is frizzy it is horror. I use a curled brush about medium size. It bring the curls back to life
Submitted by agill127
I deal with 80% humidity in the spring/summer and have long unruly curly hair. I have found that Redken products are great. I use the Real Control line for unruly hair and the leave in conditioner - moisture is key to curly hair. Then use a blow dryer with one of the large round diffusers after applying curl activating cream and a glossing agent. I use my blow dryer on cool air and there is less frizziness.
Submitted by aheery1
Stay away from items that have sulfate and silicone. Sulfate is too harsh for curly hair, tending to try it out. As for silicones, they tend to close up the shaft, preventing moisture from entering. I usually only wash out some of my shower conditioner and leave it as a leave it. If you hair is thicker and harder to maintain, go for gels and an oil spray. Hope this helps.
Submitted by bridalwreath
I too have thick, curly locks. I switched to the Organix line (available at Wal-mart). These products are sulfate free and affordable and have made a world of difference in my hair's softness and smoothness. Also, avoid heat styling at all costs!!! Damaged hair is frizzy hair. :)
Submitted by ihelphealu_77
i have the same problem! Unfortunately,our hair is subject to weather :) But what worked for me is brushing my hair with conditioner in and then before drying not to comb it anymore and scrunch it with TIGI Curls Rock Cream and of course a blow dryer with the right curl head. Hope it works! P.S after a day or two some water bring back the bounces
Submitted by dusa.z.f

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