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Hair growth

How can I make my short hair grow faster?
Submitted by EurroKat

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to speed up hair growth, says Jeff Scott, stylist and owner of ScottTalbot Salonspa in Akron, Ohio. “But you can make your strands stronger, so that they don’t break off.” Start by scheduling regular trims at your salon to keep ends from splitting from daily wear. Conditioning after every shampoo also helps by sealing the ends of your hair shaft. And, the best thing you can do for your mane? “Promote good circulation with regular exercise and frequent scalp massage,” says Scott.

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IF YOUR DIET IS HEALTHY YOUR HAIR IS HEALTHY!!! try to include a variety of foods so your hair reaches all its nutrients inorder to grow. so eat well so your hair can grow and plus meat and protein/biotin is the main building blocks so if this is not in your diet you shall WATCH OUT..............
Submitted by miss_attai
The first answer to this question was VERY true. I take Biotin almost everyday and after dying my hair so much it really helps. In addition, I put coconut oil in my hair after I shower. Like the first reply said, rinse your hair with cold water! Always makes it shinier too. Plus, I NEVER blow-dry my hair, always air dry.
Submitted by lambrosalexandra
If you take flax seed oil capsules three times a day it can make your hair grow an extra quarter inch faster a month. This can make your hair grow up too half an inch every month when combined with your natural production of strands. Of course it depends on the individual. It effects your nails in the same was and is great for your skin.
Submitted by brittz86
eat jell-o. im serious. the gelatin helps hair grow. its always worked for me.
Submitted by slashchilla
there are vitamins and supplements that promote hair growth. some work and they aren't that expensive
Submitted by copayextra
Take biotin supplements to increase the speed of hair growth. This vitamin will also result in healthier, stronger hair. Limit the use of styling tools such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons, and use heat protectors when you do use them. Hot water dries out hair so rinse hair with cooler water, especially at the end of shower sessions to seal the cuticles. Replace brushes with wide tooth combs and avoid brushing wet hair. If you have hard water, look into a water softener.
Submitted by sldodds251

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